Inspired by day to day life, Vaughan Baker was created as a way of celebrating design and bringing it to your everyday. Through our selection of thoughtfully designed products we aim to connect you with the people and places that made them. In turn we believe this connection with our belongings encourages us to look after them better and hold onto them longer.

Vaughan Baker was inspired by memories of a charming old man, who lived a simple and beautiful life, reflected in his home and his belongings. The idea for our store and products started many years ago and has been explored during time spent living and observing the culture of day to day life in different countries – always on the lookout for new products and well conceived ideas. We do our best to curate and share an international offering of everyday objects, that intersect functionality, design and art.

For now we hope that you enjoy the adventures, talks and work that make Vaughan Baker what it is, up here on

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