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  • The Brion Vega Tomb by Carlo Scarpa

    When resources and time do not allow, a moment spent lingering over pictures from past adventures can evoke the same sense of wonder and excitement as a trip itself. Recently we found ourselves reminiscing over the travel we did last year through small towns in Northern Italy, Slovenia and Austria. – Our journey to the …

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  • The Garden of the Nezu Museum, Aoyama Tokyo

    A collection of images from a morning spent walking the garden at the start of Summer, 2017. No matter the season, if visiting Tokyo make sure you allow time for the Nezu Museum.

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  • The ‘dialogue’ of a craftsmen

    “Ask any artisan why he has chosen such a time consuming profession, and he will struggle to explain the complex relationship between himself and the object on which he works; he will tell you about the ‘dialogue’ that happens between the two, and the heart and soul that he pours into the result. However, in …

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