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Palo Santo Bundle

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A sacred wood from South America, Palo Santo is cherished for its healing properties. It’s slightly sweet, citrus aroma is balanced with an earthy woodiness that lingers wherever it is burnt. Palo Santo is said to clear bad energy, encourage creativity and calm your nervous system. Burn it whenever you need to stay grounded.

Each bundle contains 4 sustainably sourced sticks.

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These premium Palo Santo sticks are collected from fallen trees in Peru (no trees are harmed in their collection). Also known as ‘holy wood’ or scientifically as Bursera Graveolens, Palo Santo is a native plant to South America with a rich history of use by indigenous communities for healing and ceremonial purposes.

Each piece can be burnt as incense, or used for smudging.

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Approx 20g (4 sticks)


Sustainably sourced Palo Santo

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