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Soy Sauce Droplet

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Modern design and delicate craftsmanship culminate in the creation of the Soy Sauce Droplet by Takenobu Igarashi. Bring a touch of theatre to your next meal, as your soy floats across the table and onto the plate with this sculptural piece of glassware. 

Soy sauce is contained in the lower part of the dropper. Place a finger on the hole on the top to suspend the soy into the chamber and release to dispense. 

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Known as one of the Japanese greats, Takenobu Igarashi first reached international acclaim in the mid 1970’s for his graphic works with architectural alphabets. He progressed to three dimensions with the introduction of several product designs and sculptural work. Since 1994 Takenobu has solely worked as a sculptor designing various works for public spaces across Japan. His Soy Sauce Droplet is made by Kimura glass who have been creating their hand blown glassware in Eastern Tokyo since 1910.

Country of Origin



Diameter 75mm (approx)


Kimura Glass


Approx 70g

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